Top contributor considers total sites adopted, number of cleanups completed, number of once off cleanups completed, and total bags, items and kgs picked up.

Cleaned - Site completely cleaned at last cleanup

In progress - Site partially cleaned at last cleanup

Dirty - Site adopted and not yet cleaned or site overdue for a cleanup

Open event - Community clean-up day! Individuals, families and organisations are welcome to help the host organisation clean the spot at stipulated time

Recent once off cleanups - Site cleaned for a once off event, within the last 3 months

Historical once off cleanups - Site cleaned for a once off event, older than 3 months which is likely dirty again

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Total number of spots adopted:


Total number of clean-ups done:


Total kilograms of litter picked up:

21 960

Total number of bags picked up:

5 062

Top 5:

Site Total bags
The Beacon Summerstrand528
Wells Estate Beach310
Helderberg Ocean Awareness Movement250
PICK 'N PAY / SST'S Park Clean-up224.5
Burke street186
Site Total kg's
The Beacon Summerstrand1934
PICK 'N PAY / SST'S Park Clean-up1341
Helderberg Ocean Awareness Movement1028
Wells Estate Beach868
Burke street778
Site Total items
The Beacon Summerstrand183 414
Wells Estate Beach107 688
Helderberg Ocean Awareness Movement86 846
PICK 'N PAY / SST'S Park Clean-up77 987
Burke street64 613
Adopter Total sites
Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment12
WESSA Algoa Bay Branch7
Cape Nature4
SST Research Department4
Site Total cleans
16th Ave walkway, canal & river22
The Beacon Summerstrand8
Pipe Beach7
Coega Beach7
SST Education Department7
Position Adopter
1WESSA Algoa Bay Branch
2Pick 'n Pay People n Planet
3SST Research Department
4Zwartkops Conservancy
Rank Adopter Rank bags Rank kgs Rank items Rank no. cleans Rank no. spots
1WESSA Algoa Bay Branch11133
2Pick 'n Pay People n Planet22368
3SST Research Department65624
4Zwartkops Conservancy332106
6SST OCS Department7127423
7Helderberg Marine Protected Area, Beach Road, Strand4442723
8Dyer Island Conservation Trust101010276
9Hope for Bloemendal5652723
11Save a Fishie NPC8982723
12Mosselbank River Conservation Team NPC91192723
13Still Bay Coastal Clean Up1314131923
14St John's Anglican Church, Walmer1718151223
16Two Oceans Aquarium197182723
17Cape Nature242522274
19Motherwell High School- Blue Enviro Buddies1831171923
21Betty's Bay Conservancy2123202723
22Wessa Green Coast and associates2519232723
23Harcourts Beachfront36323578
25The Windfarm292927278
27Eko-bediening Kleinmond293827278
28Nature Nerds2727252723
29False Bay Underwater Club1617552723
30SET Department (SANParks)3233312723
31Jendamark Automation3740371223
32Pro Dive Port Elizabeth433643198
33Lower Breede River Conservancy Trust3434332723
35African Youth Waste Network- EC Comm.474646158
36Elwandle Coastal Node, SAEON4041391923
37Whale Coast Conservation3739362723
38Fishy Tales4244411923
39Harcourts Summerton4143402723
40SST Education Department484847823
41Ndyebo High School1081027123
42Summerstrand Surf Lifesaving Club4542442723
43Catwalk Youth Development Agency4645452723
44St Augustine's Cathedral4451422723
45Barnardo & van Eyk5149541523
46Relay EMS4947482723
47Friends of Cwili/Kei15161427123
48Ralph West5050492723
49SST Film Unit5658531523
50Van Rooyen5253502723
51SST Events Unit5656521923
52Curro Westbrook22222119123
53Lesley Bloy6062571023
54Private 1035860562723
56Khanyisela College6166582723
57Elsen Academy33353219123
Rank Adopter Total bags Total kgs Total items Total cleans Total spots
1WESSA Algoa Bay Branch11954296415116217
2Pick 'n Pay People n Planet371.5200711158992
3SST Research Department16079163355294
4Zwartkops Conservancy334139811602453
6SST OCS Department15657055096161
7Helderberg Marine Protected Area, Beach Road, Strand25010288684611
8Dyer Island Conservation Trust1146383960213
9Hope for Bloemendal1867786461311
11Save a Fishie NPC1526405280211
12Mosselbank River Conservation Team NPC1405864863411
13Still Bay Coastal Clean Up1124693890621
14St John's Anglican Church, Walmer823432848341
16Two Oceans Aquarium697332396911
17Cape Nature552301910614
19Motherwell High School- Blue Enviro Buddies751672605321
21Betty's Bay Conservancy602512084311
22Wessa Green Coast and associates543281875811
23Harcourts Beachfront29.51591024582
25The Windfarm401671389512
27Eko-bediening Kleinmond401201389512
28Nature Nerds421761459011
29False Bay Underwater Club98410192011
30SET Department (SANParks)351471215811
31Jendamark Automation28117972441
32Pro Dive Port Elizabeth21126666922
33Lower Breede River Conservancy Trust321321111611
35African Youth Waste Network- EC Comm.1563501832
36Elwandle Coastal Node, SAEON24114833721
37Whale Coast Conservation28117972611
38Fishy Tales2292764121
39Harcourts Summerton2396798911
40SST Education Department1244416771
41Ndyebo High School1146553960210
42Summerstrand Surf Lifesaving Club19100660011
43Catwalk Youth Development Agency1875625211
44St Augustine's Cathedral2040694711
45Barnardo & van Eyk944194031
46Relay EMS1146382111
47Friends of Cwili/Kei1014233508510
48Ralph West1042347311
49SST Film Unit624208231
50Van Rooyen834277911
51SST Events Unit625208421
52Curro Westbrook582522014820
53Lesley Bloy4.519156151
54Private 103521173611
56Khanyisela College411138911
57Elsen Academy331301146320

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No 1. Adopting a spot

If you adopt a site, you increase your total spots

Rank Adopter Total bags Total kg's Total items Total cleans Total spots
xx Name

No 2. Cleaning your adopted spot

If you clean your clean spot you increase your bags, kgs, items and total cleans

Rank Adopter Total bags Total kg's Total items Total cleans Total spots
xx Name

No 3. Cleaning a random site once off

If you clean a random site as a once off event you increase your bags, kgs, items and total cleans

Rank Adopter Total bags Total kg's Total items Total cleans Total spots
xx Name

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